What to Know About Garage Remote Replacement with Smart Remotes

24 August 2019
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There is a misconception when it comes to smart garage remotes that if your phone is lost, replacement is easy. This is primarily due to the remote being connected through an app on your phone. Though the remote replacement can be easier than traditional replacement, there are still some things you need to know. Here are a few of those key points and what you need to know about each one. Read More 

Two Common Reasons Why People Find Themselves in Need of the Help of a Locksmith

1 May 2019
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There are some very common reasons why people end up needing the help of their local locksmith. Read on to find out what these reasons are. They allow their electronic car keys to be submerged in water Electronic push button car keys have made it far quicker and easier for motorists to lock and unlock their vehicles. However, one of the downsides of this type of key is that it can stop functioning if it comes into contact with too much water. Read More 

What To Do When Burglars Attack: Insights From An Emergency Locksmith

21 February 2019
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There are several instances when you may require the services of an emergency locksmith. One such situation is when you need to repair or replace the locks in your home or business premises following a burglary attack. An emergency locksmith will come to you at whatever time of day and night, to help you secure your property after such an attack. It is never an easy experience having to deal with burglars. Read More