3 Factors to Consider When Changing Your Locks

15 March 2018
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Are you thinking of changing your locks? Have you lost your keys? Do you think one of your spare keys might fall into the wrong hands? In any of these cases, it is important to involve a locksmith. This is because they have the experience to help you determine which locks are perfect for you. Below are some questions that a locksmith will ask which will influence the locks that they suggest. Read More 

What You Need to Know About Hiding a Spare Key on Your Property

4 January 2018
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Are you constantly losing your front door key? Used to waiting for someone to come home so they can let you in? On a first-name basis with your local locksmith? Other than upgrading to a smart lock that can be operated via your smartphone, you might well be in the habit of hiding a spare key somewhere on your property. In general terms, this can be an easy solution, and yet when you get to the specifics of where you actually hide the key, it can pose a significant security risk. Read More