Which Security Systems Can Complement Conventional Domestic Locks?

19 February 2021
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When all is said and done, there is nothing wrong with traditional household locks for keeping your home secure. After all, the majority of homes in Australia have locks and keys as their primary security feature. That said, there are several different security systems that you may also like to consider having installed at home. What are some of the best ones that you can use in conjunction with your current security measures? Read on to find out more about security systems.

Camera Surveillance

Although you may associate closed-circuit television systems with business premises and high-security facilities, they are increasingly used in domestic settings. One of the big advantages of this type of security system is that it will allow you to make your own assessments of any potential problems. For example, a modern camera-based system will often be able to relay images directly to your smartphone of what is going on at home even when you are out. This means you will be able to tell whether your CCTV has kicked in because somebody is attempting to break into your property or for a perfectly innocent reason, such as a delivery being made. What's more, the wireless cameras that are used today only need to be connected to your Wi-Fi, so there is no requirement for any unsightly cables to be run around the outside of your house.

Security Lights

Another good security system that you ought to consider is security lighting. These systems make use of motion detection technology and will turn your home's lights on if they detect anything moving around your property. You can buy standalone lights which are solar-powered, meaning that they will function even if somebody were to cut off the electrical supply. Alternatively, you can choose ones which are part of an integrated system, perhaps turning your exterior lights on at the same time as activating your security cameras to capture even better images.

Door and Window Alarms

Door and window sensors are another good security system that you can install anywhere you see fit. Of course, you could deploy them on every external door and window your home has if you like. However, you might also simply want to fit them in places that you think might be more vulnerable, such as your back door, for example, especially if it cannot be viewed easily by neighbours. These devices have one part that sits on the door or window and another part that is on its corresponding frame. When the two are separated because they have been forced apart, an alarm will sound.