3 Factors to Consider When Changing Your Locks

15 March 2018
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Are you thinking of changing your locks? Have you lost your keys? Do you think one of your spare keys might fall into the wrong hands? In any of these cases, it is important to involve a locksmith. This is because they have the experience to help you determine which locks are perfect for you. Below are some questions that a locksmith will ask which will influence the locks that they suggest.

Who Owns the Premises?

Some locks require extensive work before they are operational. If you are renting the premises, such locks can be inconvenient for you since you might need to get approval from the owner of the building before starting the installation. However, if you own the building or apartment, a locksmith can suggest such locks since they guarantee more security for your house. Additionally, the locksmith can recommend that you get a stronger door or reinforce the door frames, which will enable it to withstand a considerable amount of force.

What Kind of Project Is It?

If your building is under construction, involving a locksmith early will enable you to take into consideration the necessary features during the construction process. If you decide to use heavy mahogany doors with multiple deadbolts, it can be necessary to have proper reinforcements to hold the weight of such a door. In case the building is already operational, a locksmith can recommend the ideal locks that can be installed with minimum disruptions.

What Security Level Do You Want?

Think about the degree of security that you wish to have on your premises. Is it high-, low- or medium-level security? High security may entail installing a lock system that assigns different users access to facilities based on their roles and a timeframe within which those roles can be performed. In this case, biometric locks can be very effective instead of issuing keys to everyone. Low and medium level security may involve issuing keys to specific areas where there are no security threats.

The questions above may only provide basic guidance as you define your needs. Another factor to consider is whether the locks are for a residential or commercial property. It is also necessary to safely keep your spare keys where you can access them in case of an emergency. This will enable you to avoid the inconvenience of calling a mobile locksmith at odd hours to assist you to get into the house.