2 Important Features to Look For in Your Ideal Self-storage Facility

24 August 2017
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If you're thinking about extra storage space and want to rent a unit is a self-storage facility, there are a number of things to look at. First, depending on what you're keeping, it's best to find a facility that's close to your home or business for easy access whenever you need the items. There are various storage options – indoor/outdoor storage, climate-controlled storage, vehicle storage – and your choice will depend on what you want to keep.

Once you know what you're storing, the following are some of the important features you should ask the company about:

1. Security

Security is the most important consideration, because you want to make sure your valuables will be safe. You should request a tour of the facilities, which gives you a chance to assess various security features as well as cleanliness standards. Some of these include:

  • Lighting – ample lighting throughout the compound is important to ensure security and easy movement, especially in 24-hour access facilities

  • Door alarms – an individual alarm for each storage unit gives additional security

  • Locks – most units come fitted with locks, but for long-term storage, consider changing the locks to your own, just in case the previous owner still has copies. Many facilities also have high-security locks that you can buy and have them fix

  • Video surveillance – there should be a variety of cameras and a surveillance room that allows the guards to see what's going on in every part of the facility at all times. Find out how cameras are monitored and what type of surveillance has been installed

  • Gate access – most facilities will give tenants a code for the keypad at the gate entrance. There are many other options, so be sure to discuss the facility's entry system before signing the lease

  • Supervision – there should be a resident manager who you can turn to in case you have any questions or problems

2. Specific unit details

You'll be interested in specific details about your storage unit depending on what you're keeping. The following are some questions to ask:

  • Type – you can get normal or climate-controlled units. The latter is ideal for long-term storage or if you're storing delicate items such as electronics, musical instruments, wine etc.

  • Size – you can get anything from a small storage locker to units large enough to store an entire apartment's furniture/belongings. Of course, bigger units are more expensive

  • Duration – most facilities offer discounts according to the length of time you'll need the unit. In some places, you can sign a long lease at the beginning. If you're uncertain, you can renew your lease on a month-to-month basis, but you won't benefit from the discounts

  • Insurance – check whether your home insurance covers items stored in self-storage units. If not, most facilities have temporary storage insurance to protect your belongings

  • Access hours – don't assume that you'll have unlimited access. Many facilities have business hours within which you can access your unit

Once you've weighed all these options, consider the cost of the facility versus two or three others, and make your decision according to what best suits your needs.