What You Should Do If You Are Locked Out Of Your Car

27 July 2017
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Discovering that you have locked yourself out of your car can be an extremely frustrating experience, particularly if you have parked in a relatively isolated area and cannot, therefore, ask anyone nearby for assistance. Here are two steps you should take if you ever end up in this situation:

Avoid the 'DIY' approach and contact a locksmith instead

Many people who find themselves in this type of situation attempt to break into their own vehicles, in a bid to spare themselves the expense of hiring a car locksmith. It's important not to do this, as it could turn this relatively minor problem into a total nightmare.

If like most people, you have neither the tools nor the expertise required to open up a locked vehicle, you will almost certainly end up causing substantial damage. Using things like a hanger, metal bar or another item to try to snap open the door lock could break the locking mechanism.

The only other option for those without locksmith training is to smash the window which, of course, you would then need to replace. The cost of this repair job is likely to be far higher than the amount you would spend on the services of a car locksmith. This approach could also leave you with a serious hand or arm wound if you accidentally cut yourself whilst breaking the glass.

Take precautions to stay safe

You will probably have to wait at least a half an hour (if not longer) for your car locksmith to arrive. As such, if this incident occurs at night or in a dangerous or isolated area, it's important to take steps to keep yourself safe whilst you wait for the locksmith.

During this time, try to stand in a well-lit area (for example, directly under a street lamp or close to a shop with a brightly-lit window display). Additionally, if you happen to be wearing any valuable jewellery, it's best to take this off and put it in your pocket (or perhaps your shoe, if the item in question is quite small), so as not to attract the attention of potential thieves.

Additionally, if possible, call a friend or relative and keep them on the line until you see the locksmith approaching. This will ensure that, should you find yourself feeling threatened or in danger, you can immediately inform the person that you are speaking to on the phone of this fact and they can then help you.