How a Locksmith Can Improve Tiny Home Security

19 July 2017
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One of the aspects of building a tiny home, that may go overlooked, is the security of the home itself. In fact, most tiny home designs are similar to motorhomes in the sense that the lock on the doors is standard. There is a simple lock with a deadbolt. Though this can be upgraded, a lock and key option is still basic and may not leave you with the sense of security you will want to have. This is especially true when you consider that most tiny home dwelling options are in caravan parks or camping areas. With that in mind, here are some ways that a locksmith can help increase your security for your tiny home.

Wheel Locks

One thing you may not think about when you are considering the security of your tiny home, and the use of a locksmith, are the wheels of your tiny home. Keep in mind that tiny homes are meant to be transported easily. This means that if someone can hook up the tiny home to their truck, they can pull the tiny home behind them just like you can and effectively steal your home while you are gone. For this reason, many locksmiths recommend wheel locks. These locks can be traditional key locks or they can be as advanced as a digital or even biometric scan based lock that makes it virtually impossible for your wheels to move, making stealing the tiny home incredibly difficult.

Gear Locks

Gear locks are a way that a locksmith can ensure that, even if a thief gets around your wheel locks, they still can't steal the tiny home from underneath you. Basically what a gear lock does is attach to the different gears of the tiny home that would normally attach to a hitch on the back of a truck or a lock that would attach to the gears that help turn and manoeuvre the trailer the tiny home is built on. These locks can be created to be an interlocking system, digital system or other similar system to increase the security of the home and the platform it sits on.

Tracking Devices

When you think of GPS and tracking devices, you may not think about locksmiths. The truth is, your locksmith can install security devices that will allow you to connect your security system to your smartphone and track the tiny home if it is stolen. This can also be sent to local law enforcement for them to track as well. The tracking devices can be equipped as part of a home security system, locking system or locks that are placed on your wheels and gears as well.

If you are in the stages of building your tiny home, consider meeting with a locksmith. They can tell you the options you have for better security as well as give you a price estimate.