Prevent Yourself from Being Locked Out of Your Car with These Tips

18 July 2017
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Your car can experience many faults when you are driving around the city; however, locking yourself is the last thing you want to encounter. If you do not have a spare key at hand, there is very little you can do if you locked the door and realised the keys hanging in the ignition from the window. Unless you plan on breaking the window which is an extra expense, here are some valuable tips you could use to save you from this kind of trouble and embarrassment in public:

Always Keep Your Car Keys on You

Program your mind and make it a routine to never leave your keys in the car immediately you step out of the driver's seat. Make sure you put it in your purse or pocket or even have them in your hands when you exit the car. A common scenario to be sensitive about is when you set them down on the driver's seat then forget when exiting the vehicle. You may consider using a brightly coloured key chain to help you keep track of your car key when you turn off the engine.

Use the Fob when Locking the Door

Using the fob on the car key to lock the door is another perfect way to help you avoid locking the keys inside. This is quite easy for keys that have a built in locking mechanism. Ensure that you only use the buttons on the key when locking and unlocking the door.  For you to lock and unlock the door using this method, you must have the key in your hands. This makes it difficult to lock it inside the car.

Make it a routine to perform a quick check to ensure that the keys are in your pocket, your wallet, or your hand.

Replace Batteries in Fobs

Key fobs may fail to work at times because of dead batteries. This will need an immediate replacement to restore its normal operation.

Make Spare Keys

Having spare keys made is a good option to help prevent locking yourself in your car. The cost of this process will be determined by the type of key. Regular keys that do not have a fob system may have a spare one made from your local hardware store. Having the spare keys made is not enough. You need to make sure that you have easy access to them when you're locked out