What Do I Need to Know About Calling a 24 Hour Locksmith for My Gun Safe?

28 September 2016
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When you think about calling a 24-hour locksmith, your first thought is probably regarding being locked out of your home or your car. What you may of is being locked out of your gun safe. This may not seem like a huge issues, but there may be some cases that calling that emergency locksmith is vital. For example, if someone has broken in your home and attempted to unlock the safe and tripped the anti-theft device, you may need the emergency locksmith to assist in opening the safe and finding out what is missing for the police report. Before you call the locksmith for your gun safe issue, there are a few things you should know.

Power Supply

Gun safe companies are moving towards more secure locking options. Options such as digital fingerprint reading or RFID chip scanners are becoming more commonplace. The issue is, these options do run on a power supply. If a thief has attempted to steal the safe, and the power supply is cut, you may have a costly problem on your hands. A 24-hour locksmith can help when the same safe has a key entry backup or manual locking back-up. If you do not have the key for this back-up option, because it was lost or stolen, your locksmith can open the safe through this method and possibly create another key for the safe or put in a new lock as an added safety measure.

Timer Locks

There are some locks that are set to a timer system. For example, if the power supply is a cut a back-up supply is in place. This back-up supply may be set to an automated time frame, or frames, for when the safe will open. For example, it may be set to open every hour for a set amount of minutes before relocking. Though these types of timer locks are not as common, if you have one, your locksmith can possibly bypass the timer and unlock the safe for you. Keep in mind if the 24-hour locksmith does this for you, the locking system may become damaged and need to be replaced by the gun safe company with a possible fee to you depending on your warranty with the safe.

Possible Safe Replacement

One of the key points to keep in mind when you need a 24-hour locksmith to access your gun safe is possible damage to that safe. In most cases, your locksmith will have you sign a waiver showing they are not liable for replacement of the safe or damaged parts of the safe during the unlocking process. In these cases, you will have to contact your gun safe company for information on how to replace the safe, locking mechanism, or keys should anything become damaged. If the locking mechanism does need replacement, your locksmith can likely install that for you.

These are just three of the key points to know and keep in mind when using a 24-hour locksmith for opening your gun safe in an emergency. Before calling your locksmith make sure they handle gun safe entry and find out what their guidelines are prior to the service call.