How You Might Be Hurting Your Home's Security

28 September 2016
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Everyone worries about home security, but the fact is that even the most security-minded of people may be accidentally giving away priceless security information to potential burglars. Some familiar habits and behaviours can actual encourage break-ins, meaning you could accidentally be posing a serious threat to the security of your home. Here are a few things to watch out for. 

Don't ignore the alarm 

Many homeowners think that if their home is clearly fitted with an alarm system, for example if there is a visible external alarm box or window stickers announcing that the house is alarmed, burglars will automatically be deterred. As a result, people often ignore their alarm when it goes off or they do not regularly maintain and update it. Some homeowners won't even turn on their alarm when they go away. 

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Burglars will often watch a house before attempting a break-in and will observe whether or not an alarm is in use. If you have an alarm, use it, keeping it up to date and functional. 

Keeping a spare key outside 

Though lots of people do it, it is not a good idea to leave a spare key outside the house, under a flowerpot or underneath a doormat. Potential burglars spend time looking over a property they are thinking of targeting and could easily observe someone removing or replacing the key. If you need to keep a spare key, somewhere leave it with a friend or relative or in another safe location such as your workplace.

When leaving a spare key somewhere, do not put any identifying features on the key such as your name or the house number as, if they fall into the wrong hands, these details could make tracing your address very easy. If you lose your house keys, it is always a good idea to contact a locksmith to get the locks to your home replaced. 


If you are having work done in your home, make sure that you keep valuables stored away and do not be too open about security arrangements or upcoming holiday plans with any strangers. Try to supervise work in the home as much as possible and be aware of what you say in the presence of anyone you don't want accessing your home. 

It pays to stay alert and aware when it comes to home security. For further advice and information about how to make your home more secure contact your local locksmith.